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Recently, the government has been authoritative babble about banning on band bank in the United States. While this is not acceptable to happen, Assembly will acceptable try to tax the industry. This is banishment a lot of companies to abutting their operations (Seattle Washington has implemented a anatomy of the ban) or to move them offshore. Just because the administering has pushed its moral calendar assimilate the American Public, is no acumen that citizens should accord up their appropriate to the “pursuit of happiness”.

A lot of humans adore the online bingo games. Recently a woman won the “Queen of Bingo”* challenge from one of the online sites. She won $10,000 and all-embracing acceptance for her achievement. She was quoted as adage “I cannot accept it. I anticipation I had died and gone to heaven. I was so aflame I about fell out of my chair.” When told of her winnings.

Boy I assumption she was happy.

Millions of humans action at casinos and added venues. Why should online bank be singled out? Even the Catholic abbey uses bingo to accession money and they are tax exempt.

Bingo is a continued time admired fundraiser, not alone for the church, but added organizations that frown on bank appearance gambling. Should the government go afterwards theses organizations antecedent of funding, and are they traveling to accomplish up for the accident of funds? I agnosticism it.

May be we should admonish assembly that they plan for us, not the added way around. Let them apperceive that the “Bill of Rights” has not been repealed.

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* quoted from Online Bingo News

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